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Lonely and depressed? Here's how to cope so you don't run the risk of high blood pressure!

by , 18 February 2014

As you get older, loneliness, depression and blood pressure become directly connected. If you're elderly and you don't get your mental health on tract now, you run the risk of premature death. Here's how to cope so you can improve your overall health immediately.

Researchers from the University of Chicago found there’s a 14% increase in risk of premature death if you’re lonely and depressed.
This because your mental health has an effect on your overall health including your hormone production, quality of sleep and your blood pressure.
Another study showed that loneliness has a direct effect on your health as you get older. It especially affects your cardiovascular health and blood pressure
Dr Louise Hawkley, of the research team of this study, said: “Loneliness behaved as though it is a unique health-risk factor in its own right.” In fact, the people in the study who confirmed they are lonely, showed a 15-point increase in their blood pressure!
Cope with loneliness and depression so it doesn’t increase your blood pressure
Here are some simple things you can do to break your cycle of loneliness and depression:
· Take advantage of family gatherings. Make an effort to bring your family to you if you’re unable to get to them 
· Join social groups in your community. Do something fun like joining a bridge or Scrabble group. Or even join the local bowls team!
· Make time for physical face-to-face interactions with friends and family
As long as you make the time to interact with people, you can ward off loneliness and depression. It’s all up to you and how you go about it. Remember all it takes is a little effort from you to fight high blood pressure associated with your loneliness.

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Lonely and depressed? Here's how to cope so you don't run the risk of high blood pressure!
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