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Living with high blood pressure? It's crucial you monitor your readings at home

by , 11 February 2014

The American Heart Association says it's essential for anyone receiving treatment for high blood pressure to monitor their blood pressure readings at home. By taking your own readings in a place you're comfortable, you'll get the most accurate results. This can help your doctor determine if the treatments he's giving you are working! Here's how home monitoring can help you...

Have you ever heard of "white coat" hypertension? It's something that happens to a patient when they go in to see their doctor.
Have you ever felt slightly anxious for no apparent reason when you walk into his rooms? Even though he’s been your doctor for years? 
This is typical of white coat hypertension! And the stress of it affects your blood pressure! So when you visit your doctor to check your high blood pressure, the readings can be inaccurate!
To prevent inaccurate readings, monitor your blood pressure at home
You'll have far more accurate readings of your blood pressure if you're recording it every day. And because there's less stress in your home than when you're sitting in the doctor’s rooms, the recording will be truer.
And, taking your own readings at regular times of the day has another advantage: You can present a chart of your regular reading to your doctor when you visit him. 
This will help him see if there’s an improvement in your condition, and also if there’s anything else that might cause your blood pressure to go up.
Home blood pressure monitoring will help you control your condition more accurately
You'll start to become familiar with the readings you get on your blood pressure monitor (ask your doctor to explain what the numbers mean!). And then see if there's anything in your lifestyle that's making your readings go up on occasion.
By changing these habits and seeing them on the monitor, you’ll be able to manage your high blood pressure better!
Speak to your doctor about how best to start monitoring your high blood pressure at home. Empower yourself to change your health by taking the correct steps.

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Living with high blood pressure? It's crucial you monitor your readings at home
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