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Like Andrew, you might not know you have heart problems until it's too late!

by , 03 July 2014

38-year-old Andrew Frankish from the UK was carrying his rubbish outside when he suddenly experienced difficulty breathing.

When he went to his doctor and explained that the breathing issues were his only symptom, the doctor thought he had a common bug and treated him for it.

But four weeks later, Andrew still had the symptoms and was sent to a specialist to see what was wrong…

Incredibly, he had two heart attacks and didn't even know he had heart problems! He'd had “silent” heart attacks, meaning he didn't have any of the typical symptoms people feel when they have heart problems.

Don't let your health fail because your body doesn't warn you about what's going on.

If you don't feel well without explanation, it may be because of heart problems. Here's how to tell…

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You might not even know you have heart problems, so make sure you know when to have your heart checked

Andrew says he’s fit and that’s why he didn’t think twice about his heart when he suddenly had two heart attacks. He plays soccer regularly, has never smoked and only drinks in moderation.
But he says he felt a bit ill for a while before the trouble started. And he thought it was just the natural process of ageing.
So when you have a sudden change in your health you need to pay attention. Especially when you think you’re otherwise healthy!
If you feel unwell for a while and struggle to breathe, you need to think about your heart. Also consider whether you have a family history of heart problems as this could be the biggest warning sign if your body doesn’t show any of the typical symptoms.
Don’t let your heart problems go undetected! Ask your doctor about your heart health today.

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Like Andrew, you might not know you have heart problems until it's too late!
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