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Leading cardiologist reveals: Two common supplements that do NOTHING for your heart health

by , 12 June 2014

If you're trying to improve your overall health and, more importantly, keep your heart health in top shape, you may have turned to supplementing your diet with items you buy off the shelf at the chemist.

With rows and rows of every vitamin, mineral and herb available in pill form, there MUST be something that's in them that's good for you and can prevent heart problems, right?

Not always, says Dr Arthur Agatston, a leading cardiologist.

In fact, he claims that there are two common heart supplements that do nothing for you and one that your should take.

Here's what they are…

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When it comes to your heart health, these two supplements aren’t worth your hard-earned money 

1.      Resveratrol: Dr Agatston explains that while this antioxidant is essential for your health, there’s no real proof that supplementing with it provides any benefit. Instead, eat grapes with their skins on and have a glass of red wine with dinner to get all the resveratrol you need.
2.      Turmeric: The active antioxidant in turmeric, curcumin, prevents inflammatory responses that may cause heart problems. But again, there isn’t enough evidence to suggest a supplemental form of the nutrient works in humans. Rather keep using it in your food to reap its health benefit.
So what’s the problem here? Well, Dr Agatston says that because these supplements aren’t in their natural form, the change in their chemical composition may make the supplemental form inactive. And there’s a need for more research to validate their claims in humans. But he does recommend one heart healthy supplement

The one supplement you can’t do without 

There’s more than enough supporting evidence for keeping heart problems at bay with supplemental omega 3 fatty acids. This because you probably don’t eat enough fatty fish, at least not the recommended amount of three times a week. So these essential fatty acids may be lacking in your body.
That’s why, when canvasing the endless shelves at the chemist for something that’ll keep your heart healthy, grab a bottle of omega 3s because you know they work!
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Leading cardiologist reveals: Two common supplements that do NOTHING for your heart health
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