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Ladies, it's time to take a serious look at your heart health

by , 17 February 2015

A recent report posted by Yahoo Health says women's heart health needs to be in the spotlight.

You need to take note of your heart health as seriously as you do your risk of breast and ovarian cancer.

This because more women are dying from heart disease than any other cancer and, it's claiming more women's lives than men's.

So, read on to find out what the major risk is for your health and, more importantly, how you can stop it from claiming your life.

Coronary artery disease is a major concern for women’s heart health

The American Heart Association says Coronary Artery Disease is cutting women’s lives short. It’s a disease in which your arteries Women pay attention to your heart healthharden. And it causes your blood pressure to rise over time and your heart muscle to take strain.
Often, the arteries form hardened plaques in the walls. And it often causes complete occlusion of the vessel. This means not a drop of blood, oxygen or nutrients can pass through and it can cause a fatal heart attack if it’s in a vessel near or on the heart muscle.
The problem is, says the Women’s Health Alliance, is that women tend to blow off pain in their chest until it’s too late. And similarly, doctors tend to miss heart disease symptoms in women, says Yahoo Health.
In order to change this, “we need to do the same thing for heart health that we’ve done with breast cancer,” says Beth Battaglino, the CEO of Healthy Women in New Jersey. She says the only way to change your fate is through education. And she’s advocating to educate women and health professionals of the dangers of heart disease and what the consequences are if you don’t pay attention.
So we’re doing our bit to help you know when you’re in danger…
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Know your heart health status to avoid this silent killer from claiming your life

It’s up to you to do what’s necessary and to make sure you’re on top of your health. Only you can make the necessary changes you need to in order to protect yourself. And it’s completely possible to do.
Because, if you don’t, like many women tend to do, it could be too late to make the necessary changes when you do finally realise something’s wrong.
Take note of the following seven symptoms and see your doctor immediately should you experience any of them:
1.    Pain in the left side of your chest;
2.    Pain in your left arm and left side of your jaw;
3.    Difficult breathing even if you haven’t taken part in any exercise;
4.    You feel faint an dizzy, nauseous and sweaty at any time;
5.    Indigestion and pain in the lower part of your left chest or above your stomach;
6.    You feel tired and severely drained without explanation; and
7.    Your heart is ponding and you feel anxious for no apparent reason.
It’s especially important to take note of these symptoms if you fall into any of the following categories:
1.    You’re over the age of 45;
2.    You have a history of high blood pressure or other heart health related ailments;
3.    You suffer from type 2 diabetes;
4.    You smoke, live a sedentary lifestyle or eat unhealthy foods;
5.    You have a family history of heart disease; or
6.    You’re taking any chronic medications for your heart.
Don’t let this silent killer claim your life without even having the chance to defeat it.
Make sure you have your heart health checked every year after the age of 45 if you suffer from any health conditions, or once every two years if you’re otherwise healthy.
Rather have the chance to change your fate than fall ill due to something you never thought you needed to pay attention to.
PS: We have plenty more natural heart health information for you to use and share with your friends and family. Use your email address to sign up to our FREE HealthBytes newsletter today…
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Ladies, it's time to take a serious look at your heart health
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