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“It's ok to eat fat,” says Time Magazine! But there's more to fat than just fat

by , 19 June 2014

There are currently massive debates about the health benefits of fat. With the latest issue of Time Magazine sporting a curled up piece of butter on the front cover, it's clear something in our society is changing.

It seems that you won't suddenly die from heart problems if you eat more fatty foods. And latest research says that fat can actually save your health.

So if fat isn't bad for you, then I guess Tim Noakes is RIGHT!

But wait a minute, there's more to fat than just… Fat!

Keep reading to discover what you really need to think about before you start following any new fad diet…

Here’s what you need to know BEFORE you stop worrying about heart problems and start gorging on fatty foods…

Fat’s had a bad rap since the introduction of trans fats in the 70s [LINK]. But the latest research coming out of the States says that most fat we avoid today is actually good for you.
It’s how dense the fat is that’s the problem. The more fluffy and light it is – i.e. natural – the better it is for you.
But before you start celebrating and eating all those tasty fatty foods like butter and bacon, there’s one more important thing you need to consider…
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The salt content in some fatty foods could give you heart problems 

You’re only supposed to eat one single teaspoon of salt a day. And even without the salty bacon and salted butter you’re probably eating more than that anyway.
WebMD says people tend to eat double that, which is the reason they develop elevated blood pressure and other chronic illnesses.
So before you start adding fatty meat and other tasty fats to your food, think about how much extra salt you’re adding to your diet.
The fatty food may not cause you to develop heart problems, but the high salt content of these foods sure will!

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“It's ok to eat fat,” says Time Magazine! But there's more to fat than just fat
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