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It's easy to take control of your cholesterol levels, says the Canadian Medical Journal Association

by , 27 May 2014

If you suffer from high cholesterol, lowering it by just 5% has an incredible effect on your health. And by eating more legumes it's possible to do just that, says the Canadian Medical Journal Association after completing a recent trial.

Eating just under a cup of peas, lentils or beans every day significantly improves your levels of “bad” cholesterol and lowers your risk of stroke and heart problems.

While a cup of beans doesn't sound like much to eat, your typical diet doesn't include even half of this on a daily basis! So how do you include legumes into your daily diet without feeling like you have to force yourself to eat beans?

Here are three clever ways to do so, so that you can lower your cholesterol naturally and protect yourself from heart problems…

Improve your heart health to prevent heart disease and heart attacks by 35%
Superfoods fuel your body with all the essentials you need to live a longer, healthier and disease-free life...
But as healthy as Superfoods are, it’s important you get the right amount of each Superfood you choose to eat, to make sure you’re reaping their optimum health benefits.

Swap pasta and bread for legumes to lower your risk of heart problems 

Tip #1: Mix a variety of beans with tomato sauce and herbs to add to any dish. The beans will bulk up the sauce. Thicken the sauce for a base to eat with chicken, beef or fish or make a thinner sauce to eat over veggies or meat.
Tip #2: Instead of bread, eat a small tin of baked beans for lunch or mix up a healthy salad made up of chickpeas, baby lettuce leaves, tomatoes and a vinegar/olive oil dressing.
Tip #3: Mix beans with mince to bulk it up. This not only lowers the fat content but saves you money too because you’ll need to buy less mince. You can even eat mince over a mixture of beans or peas instead of pasta! It’s delicious and healthy too.
Improve your health and protect your heart by eating more legumes to naturally lower your cholesterol.
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It's easy to take control of your cholesterol levels, says the Canadian Medical Journal Association
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