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Is your cholesterol through the roof? These two natural oils can help!

by , 14 June 2016
Is your cholesterol through the roof? These two natural oils can help!
Believe it or not, high cholesterol is actually a pretty common condition here in South Africa. The problem, however, is that because high cholesterol is now so common, doctors are handing out prescriptions for statin drugs that may just do more bad than good like it's nothing…

I don't know about you, but I don't think the idea of depending on medication for the rest of my life will ever appeal to me. If your cholesterol levels are through the roof and you share this feeling of mine, here's some good news: You don't need to rely on prescription drugs to manage your cholesterol!

That's right - all you have to do, in fact, is simply make a few dietary changes to help lower your cholesterol levels and in turn protect your heart.

Before I get into the two natural oils that I recommend adding to your diet to keep your cholesterol levels healthy, let's take a look at what cholesterol is…

Understanding what cholesterol is

Simply put, cholesterol is a fat-like substance present in every cell of your body. The cholesterol in your cells is used to create structure for cells walls, produce vitamin D, and aid digestion. It also helps make hormones like oestrogen and testosterone.
Did you know that there are two different kinds of cholesterol?


Re-write your health for the rest of your life with two tablespoons 

of Hemp Seed Oil a day
When you start adding Hemp Seed Oil to your daily diet, you start to see dramatic
Your joints no longer ache. Your blood sugar and blood pressure levels stabilise.
Your headaches disappear, even your immune system strengthens and your cancer
cells turn on themselves.

And this all in just two tablespoons of the oil a day.


The two types of cholesterol – the “good” and the “bad”

HDL cholesterol is your “good” cholesterol. It helps remove bad cholesterol from your arteries to your liver where it’s broken down and then eventually leaves your body. That’s right – not all cholesterol is bad!
On the other hand, there’s LDL cholesterol, which is your “bad” cholesterol. LDL cholesterol is dangerous became high amounts can speed up plaque growth in the walls of your blood vessels. This build-up can lead to blockages and cause a blood clot or heart attack.

Two natural oils to help you reduce your cholesterol

Below are the two natural oils I recommend you add to your diet to reduce your cholesterol levels:
#1: Hemp oil
Adding hemp oil to your diet can be super-beneficial in keeping your cholesterol balanced. This oil is an excellent source of essential fatty acids (AKA good fat), which your body can’t naturally produce, so it’s important to eat foods that contain them. These essential fatty acids can help reduce levels of unhealthy fats and prevent plaque build-up in your arteries.
#2: Coconut oil
Coconut oil is chock-full of saturated fats, which have gotten a lot of bad press in the past, but many have changed their tune drastically. You now know how unhealthy a low-fat or fat-free diet can actually be, right? The saturated fat in coconut oil can help raise your good cholesterol levels and lower the bad. Furthermore, coconut oil is a fantastic fuel source for keeping you both satiated and energised throughout your day.


Can you imagine a single ingredient that’s capable of:
• Burning fat, lowering your cholesterol and banishing food cravings?
• Relieving muscle aches and pains, keeping your digestion in check and freeing your skin from
dryness, irritants and infections?
• Fighting inflammation, preventing rashes and banishing eczema, dermatitis and candida?
I have one!
Here's to happy, healthy, balanced cholesterol!

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Is your cholesterol through the roof? These two natural oils can help!
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