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Is the pain you're feeling in your left arm the sign of a heart attack?

by , 13 May 2014

Do you have pain running down your left arm? Are you worried you're having a heart attack?

While it's a common sign of a heart attack, it's not the only common cause of this type of pain. But it's never a good idea to brush off pain in the left arm, thinking it's nothing. Unless, of course, you've physically injured the arm and you know that's the definite cause of your pain.

It's when you don't know what's causing the pain that's the problem. And where else you're experiencing pain too.

Here's how to determine whether there's another reason for the pain in your left arm or if you're having a heart attack…

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Chest pain and left arm pain is a common sign of a heart attack 

If you experience both a heaviness in your chest and pain in your left arm for no apparent reason, it’s a good idea to get to a hospital. While there are other less serious conditions causing these two signs, it’s better to rule out a heart attack first.
If you experience difficulty breathing, become pale and clammy and you feel dizzy or disorientated along with the arm and chest pain, it’s usually a sign that you’re having a heart attack. So get yourself to a doctor right away.
But if you don’t have any of these other signs or chest pain, what could be causing your left arm pain?

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When your left arm pain may not be a sign of a heart attack 

If you’ve done heavy lifting you may have pulled a muscle in your arm or pinched a nerve. If the pain lasts a long time, it’s usually not a heart attack, says Livestrong.com.
Don’t panic if you suddenly experience pain in your left arm. Think about what you’ve been doing and your other symptoms. But should you think you’re having a heart attack, don’t hesitate to go to the doctor. 

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