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Is the health of your arteries at risk? Find out NOW!

by , 02 June 2014

Your arteries serve an important function… They're responsible for carrying your blood from your heart to every part of your body, bringing your cells oxygen and nutrients they need to keep your body running like a well looked after machine.

But it's not about the oxygen and nutrients your arteries carry, but rather about the actual functioning of your arteries.

And that's keeping your blood IN them!

If your arteries aren't able to do that, your blood doesn't get to where it needs to be. And that means every aspect of your health is in big trouble.

So what's the one heart problem that poses the biggest threat to your arteries?

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If you have elevated blood pressure, your arteries have to work harder

An elevated blood pressure puts pressure on the walls of your arteries.
Now, your artery walls are already strong because they’re the ones that come out of your heart, rich in all sorts of good things your body needs. But the higher your blood pressure, the more pressure it puts your arteries under.
And your body is clever! Just like when you exercise to increase your muscle mass, your arteries increase theirs with the increase in blood pressure. This helps the situation for a while, but there’s only so much they can grow without cutting off your blood supply completely. So in a vicious cycle, there’s even more pressure in the arteries because of it.
Eventually, this becomes all too much and the artery weakens. Along with your elevated blood pressure, this spells disaster. It can cause rupture and blood leaks!
So the trick to prevent this from ever happening is to keep your blood pressure levels in check!

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Eat the correct foods and do regular exercise if you suffer from elevated blood pressure

The DASH diet is one of the most effective diets for people who suffer from high blood pressure, says WebMD.
Combine this with at least 30 minutes of moderate activity every day and you’ll improve the health of your arteries and keep your overall health in top shape too.

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Is the health of your arteries at risk? Find out NOW!
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