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Is it your stomach or your heart that's causing your symptoms?

by , 26 June 2014

Many people land up in the emergency room of a hospital having a full blown heart attack. And when the doctor asks whether they felt any pain in their chest before, they usually say: “Yes, but I thought I had indigestion”.

This is common!

This because of two things:

1.People don't want to admit that the pain they're experiencing in their chest IS in fact a heart problem;
2.The symptoms can be very similar when there's an upset in the stomach and you have a heart problem.

So when do you know if your pain is serious and you have a serious heart problem?

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Researchers say there’s a link between the symptoms you get for IBD and heart problems

There’s no real answer as to why Irritable Bowel Diseases (IBD) and the symtpoms of serious heart problems are the same, but they can confirm one thing. And it’s that when your flare ups of IBD become more frequent and your symtpoms appear to become different, it’s time to see your doctor. Not about your IBD, but about your heart.
Not everyone with IBD needs to start panicking says prevention.com. But be aware of the connection! And take note of any changes in your symtpoms.
So what’s the link?
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Inflammation may be the link between IBD and heart problems

You may be susceptible to inflammatory responses in your body and that’s what’s causing your IBD.
Similarly, heart problems also arise from an increase in inflammation where it affects the health of your artery walls.
Bottom line: Make sure you take care of your gut when you suffer from IBD. Not only can it help you manage your condition better, it may save you from heart problems. 

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Is it your stomach or your heart that's causing your symptoms?
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