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Is it necessary to have a “perfect blood pressure”?

by , 25 June 2014

If you suffer from elevated blood pressure you're probably under the impression that the norm is 120/80.

In fact, this is what a textbook blood pressure is. There are very few people who walk around with this “perfect blood pressure”. In truth, it's only a guideline of a normal pressure. So aiming for this might be fairly impossible.

But it might not be necessary either, says new research.

A study proves that lowering your blood pressure by only a few points might be good enough. It can bring you out of the danger zone of suffering from heart problems.

Here's what the research had to say…

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Lowering your blood pressure just a few points can save you from heart problems

Study researcher Dr Rodriguez, said this week that their 21-year study on blood pressure is complete.
Almost 4,500 patients took part in the study, which aimed to prove the risk of heart problems and heart disease associated with elevated blood pressure.
And while the results were expected in that a third of the patients with high blood pressure showed a 47% increase in their risk or occurrence of heart problems there was something more interesting that came out of the study.
The patients who managed to lower their blood pressure to within normal levels – a systolic blood pressure of just below 139 – showed the same level of heart problems risk as those that had a systolic blood pressure of below 120.
So Dr Rodriguez says there may not be such a great need to significantly lower your blood pressure to 120…
And while the studies continue to find more information on this, be sure to have a look at the articles that can help you lower your blood pressure the natural way

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Is it necessary to have a “perfect blood pressure”?
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