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Is bacteria the reason behind your heart problems?

by , 25 June 2014

Researchers have found the possible reason behind the link between heart problems and stress.

It seems that when you're under stress, bacteria weaken the fibres in your artery walls that then release the substances attached to the walls. These can then cause a blockage of your blood flow.

And each episode of stress makes the condition worse.

As you can see, it's essential for you to manage your stress so it doesn't lead you to heart problems.

Here are five tips on how to do just that…

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Manage your stress to stop it casuing heart problems

#1. Walk it off: When you’re feeling particularly stressed, it’s a good idea to go for a walk. Not only is the exercise good for your heart, walking in the open and getting some fresh air is a great stress reliever.
#2. Learn to relax: Meditation is a great way to relax, but it’s not always possible to kick off your shoes and close your eyes to meditate. Instead, use the basic principles of meditation to relax your mind and think calming thoughts.
#3. Deep breaths: Breathing techniques are also a great way to relieve stress. When you stop to take a few deep breaths you’re also “removing” yourself from the stress for those few minutes.
#4. Manage your time: If your main stress is meeting deadlines, find a way to manage your time better. Plan your day ahead of the time and try to stick to your schedule as closely as you can so you can get everything done that you need to.
#5. Put yourself first: Your health is more important than anything else. If you’re not well, it means you’re not capable of doing any of the tasks you’re stressing about. So put yourself first and take care of your health.
Knowing how to cope with stress is the best way to keep your stress levels at a minimum so you’re able to improve your health and prevent heart problems.
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