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Instill these five habits in your children now to help them prevent heart disease as grown-ups…

by , 19 May 2014

It's important your children form good habits while they're young. The better entrenched these habits are, the likelier your children will adopt a healthy lifestyle when they're older. And that's imperative for their health in the long run.

One of the problems with parents who don't succeed in forming good habits for their kids is inconsistency. The best way to tackle this problem is to put a plan together today to address your kids' health.

Here are five steps to help you…


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Use these five steps to help your children avoid heart problems later in life

Unless they’re obese, kids are unlikely to experience heart problems in their early years. But forming healthy habits will go a long way to prevent heart disease in their old age.

And that’s where these five steps come in:
  1. Eat healthy: An unhealthy diet is one of the biggest risk factors for heart disease. The occasional sweet or packet of crisps at a birthday party isn’t going to harm them, but reserve these unhealthy snacks for the odd occasion. Eat wholesome meals at home and pack healthy lunch-boxes for school every day.
  2. Educate your kids on the dangers of smoking: If you smoke yourself, do your kids and yourself a favour and STOP! It’s ruining your health and theirs. Educate them on the dangers of smoking BEFORE they get to the age in which they want to start experimenting. If you’re a smoker, chances are higher your children will smoke too because they think it’s okay if mommy or daddy do it.
  3. Exercise: Make exercise a family activity. Your kids will gain a love for movement as well as feeling healthy.
  4. Set strict sleep schedules: A school-going child should sleep for 10 hours per day. Be strict with allowing them to stay up. Sleep helps the body regulate its metabolism and helps them cope better with stress.
  5. Teach them how to manage their stress: From a young age these days, kids experience elevated levels of stress. They need to cope with anxiety and stress from an early age so it doesn’t become a health hazard later in life. Stress is another risk factor for heart disease. 

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From heart healthy food to a healthy heart!

Your job as a parent is to send your kids off into the real world prepared for life ahead of them. If you stick to a consistent plan that addresses these key five health pillars, you’ll have done a good job in helping them prevent a heart condition or lifestyle related illness like type II diabetes.   

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Instill these five habits in your children now to help them prevent heart disease as grown-ups…
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