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Indulge just a little to save your heart health, says new study

by , 20 February 2015

You know that eating too much fat is bad for your health.

Just think back to all the hype about the Tim Noakes' diet and Banting just a few months ago!

You know that it can lead you down the path to high cholesterol and eventual heart disease just because your body can't process that sheer amount of fat.

But it might not be all bad, reveals a new study.

In fact, eating a high fat diet just two days a week appears to protect your heart health!

Here's what the researchers found…

There might be some benefit to your heart health when you eat an intermittent high fat diet

While the current research is only on mice, there’s a chance it’s the same in humans because of the physiological processes that are the same in both species.
The researchers from the University of Loyola in Chicago divided a group of mice up into four.
The control group ate a simple healthy diet with the right proportion of carbs to fat and protein.
The remaining three study groups either ate a high fat diet (60% fat) for a day, a week or two weeks.
After this, the experts induced heart attacks in the mice to see what the effect of the high fat diet would be.
The mice who ate a high fat diet for a week before the heart attacks suffered a massive 50% less damage to their heart than the control group on the healthy diet. But all the mice on the high fat diets come out better than those in the control group.
That led the researchers to believe there’s a protective effect of eating a high fat diet.
But don’t think it’s something you can do for a long time!
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Eat a high fat diet only once or twice a week to protect your heart health

The researchers then wanted to know what the effect would be if the mice ate a high fat diet for longer.
When they ate fatty food for six weeks, the protective mechanism disappeared and their heart attack risk went up.
And that’s why it’s important to realise that this evidence is not only a warning that following a high fat diet isn’t healthy, but that living on take aways and other fatty food just isn’t going to do your health any favours.
Bottom line: Mix up your healthy diet and have a few days where you indulge in some high fat – but healthy – foods. This way, you’ll feel like you’re cheating on a diet, but it will be good for you and your heart health in the long run.
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Indulge just a little to save your heart health, says new study
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