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Improving your heart health can be as easy as pretending to live on a Greek island…

by , 02 December 2014

Think about what it would be like living on a Greek island in the Mediterranean.

Are you picturing crystal clear oceans, people who look like they're permanently on holiday and feasting on amazingly fresh food while sipping on blood red wine?

Now think about your life.

Are you stuck in an office, you don't get much exercise, your diet has much to be desired and your health is taking an ugly turn for the worse?

What if we told you that simply pretending to live on a Greek island can help you improve your health?

It's true…

And here's how.

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A Mediterranean style diet can turn your heart health around

The only thing you need to change to become more Mediterranean, is your diet.
It’s as easy as that!
This because those fresh fruit and vegetables, whole grains and tall vats of wine you pictured are a huge part of the Mediterranean lifestyle. And it’s one of the factors that leave those living in Mediterranean countries some of the healthiest in the world. Especially when it comes to their heart health.
And it’s the reason experts give the Mediterranean Diet the number four spot on the list of the world’s healthiest diets for your heart.
Not only will your heart health benefit, but you’ll lose weight, lower your diabetes and cancer risk and improve your brain function too.
And luckily, living in SA, you can get your hands on every ingredient available in the Mediterranean…
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Make the Mediterranean diet a part of your life for better heart health

There are only a handful of “rules” you need to obey when following the Mediterranean diet.
1.    Eat less red meat but more fish and lean chicken
2.    Eat less salt and sugar and instead, fill up on fresh fruit and vegetables
3.    Avoid saturated fat and eat more healthy fats that come from avos, nuts and olive oil
4.    Eat vegetables of every colour of the rainbow
5.    The fresher the better
When you eat less processed and refined foods, your overall health will automatically improve.
Not only will your gut health be able to digest natural foods better, but they’ll improve your gut health allowing your body to absorb more nutrients.
These nutrients are exactly what your body needs for overall health and, when your overall health improves, so will your heart health.
And despite sitting behind a desk instead of with your feet in a crystal clear ocean, you’ll have more energy, be leaner and stronger, feel better and enjoy food again!
So what are you waiting for?
Start pretending to live on a Greek island by eating like the Mediterranean’s. And, in doing so, take back control of your health and protect your future from illness and disease. 

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Improving your heart health can be as easy as pretending to live on a Greek island…
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