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Imagine if you could lower your blood pressure by just relaxing in the sun! Well, you can!

by , 23 May 2014

Sitting in the sun for 20 minutes per day could lower your blood pressure and help prevent heart disease! This is what researchers discovered in a recent small study in Southern Europe. Here's what else you should know…

Bask in the sun for 20 minutes and soak up protection against the risks of high blood pressure

When you have high blood pressure, the force of the blood circulating in your arteries can cause microscopic tears in the walls of the arteries. When these tears heal, they form scar tissue. This traps plaque on your artery walls. And this, in turn, causes your arteries to narrow and harden which can result in chronic heart disease.

And that’s why it’s imperative you lower your blood pressure to help prevent heart disease.

Now, you can do just that by sitting in the sun for 20 minutes per day! In the study in the Journal of Investigative Dermatology, 24 participants lowered their blood pressure by five points.

The researchers believe the UVA rays mobilises nitric oxide into circulation, protecting the heart.

This could explain why there’s a higher incidences of heart disease and heart failure in countries that don’t get as much sunlight, like Scotland.
But there’s one word of caution…

Are you getting the one simple mineral that helps restore normal blood pressure, lowers cholesterol and opens clogged arteries?

I know it sounds too good to be true, but this readily available mineral really does exist. Its positive effects on the heart appear to be connected with the fact that it boosts nitric oxide in the cells that line the blood vessels.
Most people have never even heard of it! But you can, now. Go here and discover all the details on this mineral - and more – on how to fight heart disease and win.

Remember to drop your elevated blood pressure responsibly

The researchers of this study don’t advocate that you ignore the risks of skin cancer and sit in the sun all day.
If you get 20 minutes of sun per day, you’re going a long way to helping to lower your blood pressure safely. Then you can add these seven steps too for greater protection.

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Imagine if you could lower your blood pressure by just relaxing in the sun! Well, you can!
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