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If your home is always clean and shiny, your heart disease risk could be sky high!

by , 21 October 2014

Are you constantly wiping surfaces, mopping floors and giving your home a good clean every other day?

It might leave you with double the heart attack risk compared to those who have a dirtier home!

The sad truth is, you're probably trying to protect yourself from disease by keeping your home clean. But, without even knowing, you're putting your health at risk because of it!

It's all because of the chemicals you expose yourself to every time you clean.

Here's what the experts have to say about it and how it's affecting your heart health…

The chemicals in your favourite cleaning product increase your heart disease risk

A popular chemical used in most common household cleaning chemicals is doubling your heart disease risk, says Dr Anoop Shankar and his colleagues.
Their study on 1,216 people prove that constant use of chemicals containing perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) is putting your heart health at risk.
And because heart disease is so common in modern society, they began investigating lesser-known causes that increase your risk.
When the researchers adjusted their findings for other risk factors participants may have had at the time of the study, it was evident that high and constant exposure to PFOAs could cause chronic heart disease even if you aren’t at risk from the other factors.
Another astonishing factor about this chemical is how common exposure is. While not all of them are high, as many as 98% of people have various levels of PFOA in their blood! And it could be because your body takes so long to get rid of it!
Research shows it takes as long as 3.8 years for your body to get rid of it completely. But during this time, your exposure keeps increasing and this impacts your heart health.
Here’s what the chemical does…
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Eight ways your household cleaning products are harming your heart health

1.    PFOAs cause oxidative stress in your body, which disrupts the membranes of your cells that protect the heart.
2.    Studies on rats show that fats accumulate in your arteries leading to plaques. These increase your blood pressure and increase your heart disease risk.
3.    A large population-based study revealed increased cholesterol levels in patients with high exposure to PFOAs. Cholesterol blocks arteries and causes high blood pressure, which are both risk factors for heart disease.
4.    PFOAs also mess with your body’s ability to use insulin. It causes metabolic syndrome – another risk factor for heart disease.
5.    Exposure to PFOAs increases your blood uric acid levels. The C8 Health Project in America says this alone is a high heart disease risk factor.
6.    The more PFOA you have in your blood, the lower your oestrogen levels. This is a common heart disease risk factor in women.
7.    Your liver can’t get rid of PFOA quick enough and it leaves it overworked and unable to eliminate other toxins. The stress on your body increases your inflammation levels, leaving you with a higher heart disease risk.
8.    Exposure to PFOA messes with your thyroid function – yet another risk factor for heart disease.
Now, more importantly, what can you do to protect your health without having to live in a pigsty?
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Use these four tips to keep your house clean while protecting your heart health

Tip #1. Look at the ingredients list on the back of your cleaning products
If you see PFOAs in the cleaning products you frequently use, there’s no reason you have to give them up completely, simply take more care when using them.
Wear gloves and a mask to protect yourself from exposing your skin and breathing in the chemical fumes.
Tip #2. Go organic where you can
Organic cleaning products may be a bit more expensive, but they’re better for your health.
Even if you replace a couple of the products you use with organic ones, you’ll decrease your exposure to PFOAs.
It’s especially important to use organic or natural products on surfaces you prepare foods on, or those that you might frequently expose your bare skin to.
Tip #3. Keep your home well ventilated
When you clean your home, ensure there’s good ventilation through the area to minimise your exposure to chemical fumes.
Tip #4. Stay healthy
Eating fresh foods, exercising and living a healthy lifestyle doesn’t only increase your heart health; it helps your liver detox better!
As you can see, you can still live in a clean environment, but you can keep it healthy too!
So use these tips to ensure your home isn’t increasing your heart disease risk!

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If your home is always clean and shiny, your heart disease risk could be sky high!
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