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If you suffer from high cholesterol levels, watch out for these foods

by , 01 July 2014

Watch out for those food labels that say “low in…” This because they usually use clever marketing tools to hook you into buying them.

They might say in big, bright letters on the front of the package that the product is low in cholesterol. And you're thrilled to be able to eat the item because you're trying to lower your cholesterol.

But did you check the back of the pack and read the nutritional label to make sure it's a healthier food choice for you?

Sadly, there's no law to make sure the food manufacturers disclose their portion sizes in big bold letters on the front. And it's probably in tiny writing on the back, which you probably don't check.

If you eat the entire portion, you've had more of the nutrition that you should have. And that means it's no longer good for you.

Use these tips to lower your cholesterol levels naturally by watching out for foods that might increase it without you knowing.

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Lower your cholesterol the natural way by avoiding these foods

#1. Coffee: Regular, roasted coffee is good for your heart health, but there are certain brews that might increase your cholesterol levels. Avoid brews like French Pressed or Turkish blends if you suffer from high cholesterol.
#2. Thai food: Many dishes in a Thai restaurant contain coconut oil which is a long chain fatty acid. If you’re trying to lower your cholesterol levels, you might want to avoid eating too much of this type of fat and instead, eat the more plain stir-fry’s that are available.
#3. Shrimp: Seafood is good for your heart, but shrimp is the exception when you have high cholesterol levels because it contains a high concentration of cholesterol.
Bottom line: Be aware of the foods you eat and how they affect your health. Something that might be healthy for someone else might not be as good for you when you’re trying to lower your cholesterol. 

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If you suffer from high cholesterol levels, watch out for these foods
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