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If you have a heart problem, experts say it's time to give up refined carbs

by , 14 May 2014

You know that your weight and the health of your heart share a close link. The more weight you carry around, the harder your heart has to work to supply your body with blood. And the more fat you carry around, the more likely your heart is to have fat around it too, making it even harder to pump.

Then there's the link between eating carbs and your weight. If you eat too many carbs without exercising enough, you're likely to put on a significant amount of weight.

So what's the link between carbs and your heart?

Researchers believe that less that 47% total dietary intake should be made of carbs. Doing this will significantly lower your risk of cardiovascular disease.

Not only will cutting down on eating carbs help you to lose dangerous belly fat, also a high risk that may be causing your heart problem, but cutting down on carbs lowers your risk of heart disease directly.

Here's what you need to do:

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To lower your risk of developing a severe heart problem, cut refined carbs from your diet

You don’t have to cut carbs out completely. It’s about eating a well balanced diet where carbs come from good sources, says health.com.
Your main source of carbs must be from fruit and vegetables, nuts, beans and legumes. You can also eat a variety of whole-grains to substitute for those starchy carbohydrates like bread and pasta you normally eat.
The bottom line to eating a heart healthy diet is to ensure you’re eating the right amounts of nutrition that your body requires. Should you need some extra help with your food choices, speak to your doctor about his recommendations. Your diet is essential to preventing further heart problems and keeping your overall health in check.

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If you have a heart problem, experts say it's time to give up refined carbs
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