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If you don't take your high blood pressure medication - your health is in danger

by , 25 February 2014

Over 50% of people who have high blood pressure, don't take their medication properly, or they just stop taking it altogether! Don't let basic non-compliance leave you at a higher risk of stroke or heart attack! Here's how to take your medications properly.

Control your high blood pressure and you’ll lower your risk of suffering a serious secondary disease. If you have high blood pressure your risk of heart attack or stroke is higher and either of these can be fatal!
Don’t neglect to take your blood pressure medication properly!
Here are some simple tips to ensure you remember to take it correctly.
Start by knowing the names of the medications you’re taking for high blood pressure
When your doctor gives you your first prescription, be sure to write the name down. If you need it later, you might not to be able to decipher his handwriting on the script!
Also ask these four questions: Is there a generic name for the medication, how many you should take a day, what it does to your heart and what the dose is that you have to take?
This information is essential for you and your family to have on hand. You never know when you may need it. 
Form a habit that reminds you to take your high blood pressure medication
If you leave your blood pressure medication right by your toothbrush, you probably won’t forget to take it. Where ever you put the bottle, make sure it’s in plain sight and it’s next to something you do every day. It’s also important to take the medication at the same time every day, so a habit makes that easier too!
Refill your high blood pressure medication prescription before you finish your last pill
Remind yourself to collect your new prescription before you finish your current one. Give yourself at least five days to make time to get your new meds! Write the date in on your calendar or in your diary and set a reminder on your phone! You can also ask the pharmacy to make a courtesy call to remind you to fill your prescription. 
Now that you’ve made it easier for yourself to remember to take your high blood pressure medication, you’ll never forget!
Lower your risk of heart attack and stroke by always being compliant with taking your high blood pressure medication. 

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If you don't take your high blood pressure medication - your health is in danger
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