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If these typical foods end up in your trolley, they could kill you, warns Oprah.com

by , 24 June 2014

As you head up and down the isles in your local grocery shop there are items that automatically end up in your trolley. You know the shelves where you'll find them by heart and you'll never leave the shop without them.

But sometimes, while they're the foods you know, trust and love, they're doing more harm to your health than good. Not only could they put you at risk of obesity and other related health issues, they may be the reason behind your heart problems!

Use these tips to rethink the way you do your grocery shopping and avoid putting the following items into your trolley.

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Spare your health and avoid developing heart problems by taking note of the items in your trolley

#1 food item to avoid: Sugary cereals
Even though they promise to improve your health by giving you all the essential minerals and vitamins in one bowl, these cereals are worse for you than a piece of cake.
This because you’re relying on them to start your day but they’re only making you more susceptible to sugar cravings and hunger before lunchtime.
#2 food item to avoid: Processed meats
Convenient? Yes. Healthy? No!
There’s too much salt in these meats and it could lead to heart problems. Not only that, there’s a link between processed meats and prostate cancer. Avoid!
#3 food item to avoid: Foods with a list of ingredients
You know what your favourite sauce bottle looks like from the front, but have you every looked at what it says on the back?
If the foods you rely on have a long list of ingredients with items you don’t even know how to pronounce, put it back on the shelf. These can wreck your health and cause heart problems!
Don’t let your favourite foods be the reason you suffer from heart problems! Choose natural, healthy foods to fill your trolley to keep your health and your family’s in top shape. 

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If these typical foods end up in your trolley, they could kill you, warns Oprah.com
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