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How to reduce spider veins naturally...

by , 21 October 2019
How to reduce spider veins naturally...
Do you have tiny veins that resemble spider webs on your face or legs?

They're a sign that your veins are not as healthy as they should be. You see, veins carry blood back to the heart. In order to defy gravity, the vessels are designed with one-way valves that prevent the blood from flowing back down the veins and pooling at your feet and fingers.

But, over time, these valves can become defective, allowing the blood to backflow. This causes pressure in the veins and weakens them, which leads to spider veins and varicose veins.

Find out below how to help make your veins healthier and reduce spider veins...

Reduce spider veins by making your blood vessels strong and improving blood circulation...
There are two steps to getting rid of unsightly spider veins... The first is to get your blood less viscous (sticky and heavy) and moving nicely through your veins again - and the second step is to strengthen your blood vessels so they don't sag and break. 

These natural nutrients can help you do both:

* Arginine - this is an amino acid which the body uses to make nitric oxide. It keeps your blood flowing and helps your blood vessels dilate. You'll also be glad to know that arginine could also help enhance your sexual experiences because your genitals get more oxygenated blood!

* Ginger - is very helpful for lowering high blood pressure which disrupts blood flow.

* Ashwagandha - this herb is one of the most powerful antioxidants you can take in supplement form. It reduces inflammation which also negatively impacts blood flow. 

* Vitamin D - keeps the cells in the lining of blood vessels healthy and strong. 

* Coenzyme Q10 - in studies, this nutrient significantly improved the flexibility of blood vessels in participants after just six weeks.

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Poor blood circulation weighs you down like a ton of bricks

When your blood pumps through your body properly, as it was designed to, you feel young, alive and healthy, no matter how busy you are… Each night, you go to bed and your cells rejuvenate, and you’re up like a kid on his birthday the next morning… Every morning!

 …Just like the Sherpas do. They thrive on Mount Everest, despite the lack of oxygen and the harsh conditions of the high altitude in which even plant-life ceases to exist!
But if you’re reading this right now, chances are, your blood circulation is weighing you down and keeping you from the things and people you love.

The thick and sludgy blood crawling through your veins resembles an engine that hasn’t had an oil change in years… It causes your reactions to slow down, your movements become laboured, and you start sputtering and choking every time you have to get over another one of life’s hills.

That’s because, in its sludgy state, your blood traps toxins that build up and reduce the amount of life-giving oxygen and nutrients it carries to your body’s cells...
And eventually, your cells begin to wilt and gasp for oxygen as they struggle for survival…
There isn’t a part of your body that doesn’t take strain:
•           your joints ache,
•           your brain feels like it’s on overdrive,
•           your eyes become weak,
•           your legs feel like heavy tree stumps,
•           sex becomes a chore,
•           and your heart works overtime…
But it’s not your fault – and it doesn’t have to be this way forever…
In just 20 seconds per day, you could…    
Turn your body into a super powerhouse!


Your body's telling you something important - listen to it

By taking these nutrients, you could get rid of your spider veins - but most importantly, you would be addressing a possibly more serious condition that could become fatal one day. 

Other ways to help improve circulation besides taking helpful nutrients include exercise - just 10-20 minutes per day will make a big difference.

Reducing your stress levels will also help contain inflammation - ashwagandha will help with this too, but try to learn to manage your stress levels with the use of breathing exercises or doing yoga for example.

Getting a good night's rest by sleeping well also helps reduce inflammation in the body. 

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How to reduce spider veins naturally...
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