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How changing the way he breathed saved this Russian doctor from heart failure

by , 09 September 2014

At the age of 26, Dr Buteyko from Russia developed high blood pressure.

In 1949, there weren't fancy drugs to treat his exceptionally high blood pressure! So his doctor told him he only had another 18 months to live with his pressure at 220 systolic.

When he started researching ways to control it, he found that it had a lot to do with his breathing.

He noticed that breathing through the mouth and breathing too heavily for long periods of time and not in line with your activity levels has detrimental effects on your health. This because of the way it changes the chemicals in your body and causes inflammation.

So, after experimenting with his breathing and taking note of how it changed his blood pressure, he developed the Buteyko Breathing Method.

And it completely changes his health. He perfected the method and died at the ripe old age of 80 in 2003.

Here's why…

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Your lifestyle increase your breathing rate and causes chronic illnesses

All the processes in your body use three main compounds: Oxygen, hydrogen and carbon.
Your body can change these quite quickly to ensure the pH balance in your body stays at the right level.
One of the easiest ways your body does this is by changing your breathing rate. This because it’s easy to increase your breathing rate to expel more carbon monoxide – an acidic compound – or slow it down to keep more of it in when your body is too alkaline.
But eating too many foods that increase the acidity in your body – like proteins and grains – also causes your breathing rate to increase. Your body releases more carbon monoxide and there’s more oxygen left in your cells.
This can cause free radicals to form and increases inflammation.
In the same way, stress causes an increase in inflammation by increasing your breathing rate too.
So think about Dr Buteyko and how he took control of his health with breathing. Do the same and make a conscious effort to think about the lifestyle factors that could cause breathing to harm your health.

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How changing the way he breathed saved this Russian doctor from heart failure
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