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High blood pressure? Get more vitamin D!

by , 24 February 2014

One of the best ways I've come across in my practice to lower blood pressure is vitamin D… And you'll see why this makes a lot of sense in a moment. You see, if you don't get enough vitamin D, one of your genes triggers a complex process that causes high blood pressure.

Why vitamin D works better than medication in lowering your blood pressure

When your vitamin D levels are low, the Angiotensin Converting Enzyme (ACE) overproduces the molecule angiotensin II. And, excess angiotensin II causes high blood pressure

That’s why your doctor will either prescribe you an ACE inhibitor or an angiotensin II receptor blocker (ARB). These drugs interrupt the process that overproduces angiotensin II in the body.

But vitamin D does a better job because it targets the problem at the most basic genetic level. When you have adequate levels of vitamin D, the process that produces too much angiotensin II just doesn’t happen in the first place. And the end result is less angiotensin II so lower blood pressure... And, no need for ACE inhibitors or ARBs either.

How much vitamin D should you get?

While it is possible to take too much vitamin D, experts have recently revised the safe upper limit for this vitamin to 10,000 IU daily. My target for optimal vitamin D intake is whatever it takes to achieve a serum level of about 60ng/ml. 
If you want to try an “optimal-vitamin-D” approach to reducing your blood pressure, it’s always best to work with your doctor to monitor your blood level of vitamin D along with your blood pressure levels. And be patient: It can take two to three months before you notice a significant change and six to eight months for vitamin D to take full effect. Click here for other easy ways to help lower your blood pressure.

In as little as eight weeks you could see your blood pressure drop!

Just by applying a few natural solutions to your everyday life

Did you know that a simple, natural way to lower your blood pressure is to eat more celery, garlic and onions?
That drinking green tea exerts a blood pressure-lowering affect that could have you feeling better 30 minutes later.
And, adding cayenne pepper to your food – a powerful vasodilator – helps expand your blood vessels and improves your blood flow thus naturally lowering your blood pressure.

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High blood pressure? Get more vitamin D!
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