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Here are three unusual ways to protect your heart

by , 25 June 2014

Keeping your health and your life free of heart problems relies heavily on your diet and lifestyle.

And while you may think your diet is perfectly healthy for your heart and you get the required amount of 30 minutes of exercise a day three times a week, there's actually MORE you can - and should - do to keep heart problems at bay.

In fact, research says heart health is more than just diet and exercise.

That's why, today, we're sharing three other ways you can use to change your life and improve your overall heart health…

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Don’t let heart problems creep into your life by ignoring these unexpected heart health disasters

#1. The road less travelled: The stress your body goes through when you live near a highway is enough to increase your risk of heart problems by 14% even if you’re healthy. But it goes up to 27% increased risk if you’re over 65 or already have heart problems, says livescience.com.
#2. Get some rest: People who sleep less than six hours a night have increased risk of heart problems. In fact, your risk increase by 47%! It’s essential for your body to get at least eight hours a night to rest and recuperate. Too much sleep is also bad for you, says livescience.com.
#3. Don’t drink fizzy drinks: And diet types are the worst! A study showed that drinking diet drinks increases your risk of heart problems and stroke by a whopping 48%. Drink tea, coffee and water instead.
There you have it! These three surprising factors can make or break your heart health. So while you’re eating the right foods and getting plenty of moderate exercise, be sure to consider these three ways to further improve your health and keep heart problems out of your future.

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Here are three unusual ways to protect your heart
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