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Here are three essentials you need to know to lower your cholesterol

by , 10 June 2014

If you're not predisposed to have high cholesterol levels, you're able to completely change the cholesterol levels in your body!

It's true. Only people that have the DNA making them susceptible to absorbing more cholesterol have an excuse to be walking around with higher than normal levels.

For the rest of us, our high cholesterol comes because we eat too much of the wrong types of foods and not enough of the ones that are good for us.

Sound familiar?

If you do have high cholesterol, here are the essentials you need to know. And once you know them, you can take the necessary steps to lower your cholesterol completely naturally.

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Change your lifestyle and diet to lower your cholesterol 

There are three main areas of your life that affect your cholesterol.
1.      Your weight
If you’re overweight, it’s likely that’s the reason you have high cholesterol. Eating too many fatty foods makes you put on weight and increases your cholesterol too. Cut out the bad foods and you’ll not only lose weight but lower your cholesterol too.
2.      Amount of physical activity
The less physical activity you do, the higher your risk of having high cholesterol. Get at least 30 minutes of exercise every day to boost your levels of good cholesterol. This way your body can fight bad cholesterol from the inside.
3.      Your diet
The foods you eat affect your overall health. Eating processed, sugary and fatty foods are bad for you! Swap take-aways and fatty foods for healthy fruit and vegetables, lean meats and healthy varieties of fats like those you get from olive oil, avos and nuts and seeds.
Changing your lifestyle to improve your health and naturally lower your cholesterol is easy if you know how. Make these changes in your life today.
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Here are three essentials you need to know to lower your cholesterol
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