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Here's why opting for the cheaper bottle of wine is better for your heart health

by , 25 November 2014

If you drink red wine because you've heard it's good for your heart health, you're in luck.

But did you know you can save yourself some dough AND help your heart by ditching the R200 bottles of smooth Stellenbosch wines and Chocolate Block?

That's right!

You can happily cruise the shelves of your local supermarket and pick out the bottle of R25 Simonsvlei red wine with a screw top!


Because it's actually better for your heart health than the expensive ones.

Here's why…

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The less expensive the red wine, the better it is for your heart health, say experts

While the flavour of the more expensive red wines may be more to your taste, cheaper varieties are better for you.
The reason?
The more expensive the wine, the more care is taken to ensure its quality. Harvesters ensure the grapes are well cared for. But this is to the detriment of their health benefit!
It’s true…
The longer the grapes hang out in the open and the longer they receive sun exposure, the more antioxidants their skin produces and the better it is for you when you drink the wine.
It’s really that simple!
And UK cardiologist, Dr William McCrea couldn’t agree more.
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Dr McCrea gives his patients wine to improve their heart health

At a hospital in Swindon, Wiltshire in the UK, patients with heart problems get a 125ml glass of red wine every day.
Dr McCrea says this not only ups their spirits during a devastating time, it’s great for their heart health. And in the ten years he’s been practicing like this, he hasn’t had one patient return with more heart problems!
He says it’s because the antioxidant, resveratrol in the red grape skins, lowers his patient’s risk of a second heart attack 50%. It’s so essential to heart health because it lowers the risk of problematic clotting, which is what causes most heart attacks!
The reason behind this method of treatment is his research into the French and how they manage to remain one of the lowest countries at risk of heart attacks and heart disease. This despite their heavy smoking statistics and high fat diets.
The only thing he could measure was different was that they “drink red wine like we drink tea.”
And he makes sure to mention to The Daily Mail that it’s young wines that grow at high altitudes and have long sun exposure that are the best.
Two of his favourites are a Shiraz and Pinot Noir from right here in SA!
That means you’re at an advantage!

Drink a small glass of red wine every day to boost your heart health

Luckily, because wine is so cheap here, you really can afford to use it in your efforts to keep your heart health in shape.
Remember to chat to your doctor about your intentions to start drinking red wine before you simply do.
So, cheers! Here’s to your good health. 

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Here's why opting for the cheaper bottle of wine is better for your heart health
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