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Here's what iodine and potassium can do for your heart

by , 03 January 2014

A mixture of iodine and potassium which helps with all types of ailments? Used by physicians in rural areas for decades. It's a remedy that can help clear up anything from acne to ovarian cysts. And here's what it does for your heart too…

Taking a supplement containing iodine could help clear up the congestion in your arteries says Dr Jonathan Wright.
Dr Wright explained in one of his articles that iodine has the power to “dissolve” oils, fats and waxes. And cholesterol is actually a fat
Iodine helps to unclog arteries
Further to this, despite iodine not tasting very good, a study was performed more than 30 years ago which saw a number of patients taking an iodine based tablet as a treatment for their blocked vessels. 
The before and after results were clear. There was a significant reduction in the cholesterol build up in the arteries that they examined. 
How does an iodine based supplement help you?
You can find the mixture of Potassium Iodide at your pharmacy under the name SSKI. You can add four to six drops of this mixture to a little water. 
Take this mixture with a niacin containing Vitamin B complex vitamin. 
If you have high cholesterol, add this mixture to your daily regime of supplement taking. 
If you’re allergic to shellfish, you’re probably allergic to iodine. To be on the safe side, check with your doctor before taking any iodine based supplements.
SSKI has a whole range of benefits to conquer ailments. Check out more information on how it helps with travel related sinus infections

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Here's what iodine and potassium can do for your heart
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