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Here's how a ripe, red, juicy tomato can save your heart

by , 02 July 2014

Researchers may have just discovered the reason the Mediterranean Diet works so well in people trying to prevent heart problems.

It seems it's all in how a ripe, red and juicy tomato gets its colour.

That's right!

The powerful antioxidant, lycopene, give the tomato and other red fruit its colour. But the tomatoes out of all the other fruit came out tops in healing preventing and even treating heart problems.

Here's what the researchers had to say…

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There were less symptoms of heart problems in patients after taking lycopene

Patients with heart problems were taking other medications to help heal the damage to their artery walls while they took part in the study, but the results were still clear.
Compared to the group who took the placebo, the patients taking the lycopene showed that their cells in their arteries managed to heal themselves somewhat! A significant finding as it could most certainly lower the risk of death in patients suffering from heart problems.
Strangely enough, it also depends on where you get your lycopene…
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Eat products with tomato extract to improve your heart health

Tomato puree and ketchup seem to contain the highest levels of lycopene, says Medicalnewstoday.com. This because during the processing, food manufacturers remove the water component from the tomatoes and all you’re left with is the healthy, rich, red component of the fruit.
But make sure you’re still checking the nutritional value of the product! There might be high fructose corn syrup in the tomato sauce or puree, which completely ruins its nutritional value.
So in this case, if there is HFCS in your favourite brand, it’s best to buy organic types to reap the benefits from the lycopene for your heart health and to ward off heart problems!

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Here's how a ripe, red, juicy tomato can save your heart
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