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Heart patients who are depressed are five times more likely to die than those who aren't

by , 28 May 2015

According to a new observational study by researchers from Imperial College London and the University of Hull in the UK, heart patients who are depressed face a seriously increased death risk!

So now I ask you, heart patient: Are you mildly, moderately or severely depressed? Or not depressed at all?

If you're mildly depressed or not depressed at all, you're safe, according to the study.

But if you're moderately or severely depressed, your risk of dying (from any cause) is five times higher.

Read on to find out more.

One in four heart patients with depression die within the first year

John Cleland, a professor of cardiology at Imperial College London and the University of Hull, states that he designed the study to investigate the predictors of death among heart patients.
He reports: “The study found that patients with heart failure are at a high risk of recurrent hospital admissions and death.”
“Approximately 25% of patients admitted to hospital with heart failure are readmitted for a variety of reasons within one month. Within one year, most patients will have had one or more readmissions and almost half will have died,” Professor Cleland adds.

The heart disease and depression association 

Heart failure is a life-threatening disease. It occurs when your heart is unable to pump sufficient blood and oxygen to the cells in your body. Worldwide, around 26 million people live with this condition. 
Interesting fact: Survival rates for heart disease patients are lower than those for breast, prostate and bowel cancer patients.
Depression has been reported to predict death in patients with heart failure but until now it was thought that this could be because depressed patients have more severe heart failure and more comorbidities,” Professor Cleland explains.
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Researchers assessed depression among patients with heart failure using a questionnaire. In total, they examined 154 patients.
According to questionnaire results, 103 patients weren’t depressed, 27 were mildly depressed and 24 were moderately to severely depressed. Researchers followed the patients for an average of 302 days and during this time, 27 patients died.
Researchers found that patients with moderate to severe depression were five times more likely to die of any cause compared with the other patients. They found that patients who weren’t depressed had an 80% lower risk of death.
The team also found that moderate to severe depression is a predictor of all-cause mortality.

How heart patients can deal with depression

The team says that heart patients with depression need to manage their depression to reduce their death risk. 
Professor Cleland says he’s opposed to immediately prescribing antidepressant medication to heart failure patients. He says that counselling is the better option.
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Heart patients who are depressed are five times more likely to die than those who aren't
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