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Health alert! Young women who fail to do this one thing increase their risk of heart attack 30%

by , 16 May 2014

As you get older your heart attack risk rises. So generally, it's older women that suffer from heart problems like heart failure and heart attacks.

But don't assume that you don't have to pay attention to your heart health just because you're still young! Researchers have some compelling evidence that suggests there's no better time than right now to improve your heart health.

That's because refraining from doing just one thing increases your risk 30% despite being otherwise healthy through your 30s.

Here's what researchers have to say…

To protect your heart,  put on your takkies and go for a walk!
But a leisurely stroll isn’t going to help you. You have to get your walking technique right before you’ll melt away any fat, let alone dangerous fat.
Studies show that if you walk at a consistent pace, you’ll shed fewer calories because your body automatically adjusts to your workout...
It’s at this point of your workout that the amount of fat you burn flat lines.
That’s where this little device comes in...
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Pay attention to your current health to combat heart problems in later life 

Inactivity is the leading cause of heart disease in women, says a May article published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine. In fact, inactivity while you’re in your 30’s is such a major contributor of heart problems later in life that it outweighed smoking and obesity, say researchers.
The long-term study showed a steady decline in physical activity in women between the ages of 22 and 80. And it was followed by an increased in heart disease markers.
So what do you do about it?

Improve your heart health to prevent heart disease and heart attacks by 35%
Superfoods fuel your body with all the essentials you need to live a longer, healthier and disease-free life...
But as healthy as Superfoods are, it’s important you get the right amount of each Superfood you choose to eat, to make sure you’re reaping their optimum health benefits.
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Don’t let heart problems be the fate of your future health! Get up and move more! 

Experts encourage young women to get at least 150 minutes of moderately strenuous activity every week. That’s only 30 minutes of exercise five times a week.
The trick to sticking to an exercise routine is to find an activity you love doing. Be it swimming, dancing, going to gym or running, the key is to just get it done.
Don’t let your future mean endless health issues because of your “sins” of the past. Move more to protect your health. 

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Health alert! Young women who fail to do this one thing increase their risk of heart attack 30%
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