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Have you tried the DASH diet to improve your heart health? If not, it's about time you do!

by , 02 December 2014

Millions of people across the country know they have high blood pressure. But millions of other are simply living with the disease and don't know it.

The thing is, high blood pressure is deadly!

It's definitely not a simple case of your blood pumping too quickly or with too much pressure through your veins. It has devastating health consequences, with one of the worst being on your heart!

So, not only is it essential to know what your blood pressure is doing, it's important to do something about it if you DO suffer from high blood pressure.

That's where the DASH diet comes in…

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Follow the DASH diet to improve your heart health

Experts put the DASH diet at number three on the list of the healthiest diets to improve heart health.
The Dietary Approach to Stop Hypertension is just that and developers claim it’s a safe and reliable way to lower your blood pressure naturally.
There’s a simple idea behind the DASH diet too. Cut out the foods that cause your blood pressure to rise and include the ones that contain the highest nutrients that keep your blood pressure stable.
Experts say it’s nutrients like calcium, potassium, protein and fibre that are the most important when it comes to a healthy blood pressure. But you don’t have to worry about counting each of these individually, because the diet plan on the DASH diet includes all these foods in the right portions too.
The developers of the diet –The National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute – even provide free guidelines for following their diet on their sites. And it’s fairly important to read them as there are different daily recommendations for your different requirements.
The benefits of the DASH diet don’t stop at lowering your blood pressure and improving your heart health, it’s great for weight loss and can lower your diabetes risk too…
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Follow the DASH diet for overall health improvement

If you want to lose weight while improving your heart health, the DASH diet can help you do that too. Especially if you follow the diet to a “T” and you ensure you have a calorie deficit at the end of every day.
Then there’s your diabetes risk.
While the American Diabetes Association doesn’t directly say the DASH diet is one to follow to lower your diabetes risk, they provide the same advice as the diet does.
This diet won’t leave you starving either.
The simple principles are to lower your salt intake, drink more water, eat lots of fresh fruit and vegetables and choose lean protein sources over fatty meats.
What’s great about the diet is there are no limits to mixing and matching foods, so it’s easy to stay interested in being healthy!
So, if you’re not sure what your blood pressure status is, make an appointment to check it! And, in the mean time, change to the DASH diet to ensure it stays at the right levels to improve your health. 

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Have you tried the DASH diet to improve your heart health? If not, it's about time you do!
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