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Have you heard about the revolutionary device that lowers blood pressure?

by , 24 April 2015

Do you suffer from high blood pressure?

The Queen Mary University of London has invented a new device that lowers blood pressure.

The new discovery, known as a “Coupler”, is a paper-clip sized device that you insert between the artery and vein in your upper thigh. Essentially, allowing you to mechanically control your blood pressure.

Read on to discover how it works…

How the Coupler controls your blood pressure

The Coupler works by creating a passageway between the artery and the vein, relieving some of the pressure in the arterial system as blood diverts into your veins.
Dr Melvin Lobo, leader of the study, explains in a statement: “This is an entirely new and highly promising concept in high blood pressure treatment. Existing drugs focus on hormonal or neurological regulation of blood pressure, and newer treatments such as renal denervation are uniquely centred on the renal nervous system.”
He adds that the Coupler effectively targets the aspects of how blood circulation works.
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But it the Coupler a safe way to control your blood pressure?

Inserting the Coupler is a quick and easy procedure. It takes about 40 minutes under local anaesthetic and is totally pain-free. 
Once inserted, it brings an immediate drop in your blood pressure, researchers report. If it’s necessary to remove it, that can also be done with ease.
However, the Coupler did prove to have a side effect. According to the study, roughly 29% of patients with the device developed leg swelling due to vein blockage. To fix this, these patients had to undergo another procedure to deal with the problem.

Follow-up research on the Coupler is to come

Dr Lobo says, “It’s a little too early to begin applying these findings to routine clinical care at this stage. We need more research to explore the long-term effects of the Coupler, better understand its safety and understand more about how it works within the body.”
He believes that the Coupler will be a very successful way to control high blood pressure in the future, but says that further research is first necessary.
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