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Great news! Researchers find avo to be one of the best foods to keep your heart healthy

by , 12 January 2015

Most South Africans love avo. It goes well with any dish! You can eat it with salad, pizza or even a bacon burger!

And now thanks to the researchers at the American Heart Association (AHA), not only do we know its tasty we know it has plenty health benefits. And in particular, their research shows how it's one of the best foods to keep your heart healthy!

Here's what researchers have to say about it…

Eating just one avo a day can prevent heart disease

The AHA recruited 45 patients to take part in their study. There were a mixture of healthy, overweight and obese participants amongst Here's why avos are one of the best heart healthy foodsthem.
For two weeks before the study started, they all ate a typical American diet. They ate a variety of foods to ensure it consisted of 34% fat, 51% carbs and 15% protein. This meant researchers had a baseline from which to work that was determined by a similar diet across the board.
Once the study began, researchers divided the 45 participants into three groups. For five weeks group one would follow a low fat diet, group two would eat a medium fat diet and group three would eat a medium fat diet but ensure they ate one whole Hass avocado every day.
After five weeks, the participants who ate the medium fat diet with avo, had almost double the drop in their bad cholesterol levels. And this was in comparison to the second highest drop in cholesterol seen in the group following a simple medium fat diet. The difference between the medium fat and low fat diet’s cholesterol reduction wasn’t too significant, with only a point difference between them.
That’s when researchers concluded that avos – and other monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFAs) – are some of the greatest foods to keep your heart healthy.
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A biochemist at the University of California has identified the eight essential antioxidants to combat heart problems.
Antioxidants are a big factor in heart health. They fight free radicals and the oxidation of bad cholesterol. Each of these eight antioxidants specifically strengthens heart health.
One can be found in everyday foods like oils, nuts, and meat. It's been shown to reduce heart disease rates by 40%.

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Avo should be part of your heart healthy diet to lower your cholesterol

This study might be more relevant to American’s than South African’s might because you already eat lots of MUFAs in the form of avo, nuts and seeds while they don’t. But it’s still great to know that eating avo not only improves your health, eating a whole one everyday isn’t detrimental as was once thought!
Researchers originally thought that eating a large amount of foods containing fatty acids was bad for you. They though they were the cause of the plaques that blocked your arteries and caused heart disease. But now we know that MUFAs actually protect your heart! And they’re not behind heart disease at all!
In fact, they act on your blood vessels and cell membranes to keep them supple and strong. And because of the high levels in avos, it makes them one of the best foods to keep your heart healthy.
Just be aware of the calorie content. Because they’re so high in fat, they’re high in calories too. So be sure to factor the almost 300 calories found in each avo into your daily intake.
You’ll only reap health benefits in the form of heart disease prevention from this great food that keeps your heart healthy!
PS) If you truly want to prevent heart disease and maintain a healthy lifestyle, you need to change your diet. The best foods you can eat for a healthy life and healthy heart are those you’ll find in Mediterranean countries.
That’s why were bringing them right to you, so you can try them in your own home with ease!
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Great news! Researchers find avo to be one of the best foods to keep your heart healthy
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