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Go to your son's wedding! Reach retirement age! Meet your grandchildren! When you do THESE five things, you'll live 18 years longer

by , 20 October 2014

South African men only live to an average age of 58 years old, said Statistics South Africa in 2013.

That means most men won't make it to retirement age; they won't see their children get married and they won't meet their grandchildren.

But for you, it could be different.

Because the five changes you're about to make in your life could ensure you live an average 18 years longer, giving you more time to do the things you lived your whole life to do…

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Live longer than any man around you by changing five things

Recently, Swedish researchers said, while it’s great to tell people to eat a healthy diet, maintain a smaller waist circumference, do daily exercise, quit smoking and drink less alcohol, not many people do it.
Or they might try it for a couple of months, but soon give up because they don’t see results and they don’t know what the end goal is.
That’s why they embarked on this recent study to show you just how important it is to change these five things in your life.
During the 11-year study, they followed 20,721 men between the ages of 45 and 79 taking note of their daily diet, their waist circumference, their drinking habits, smoking status and level of physical activity.
And by the end of it, they were sure about their results.
Eating unhealthy foods, living a sedentary life, not managing your weight, smoking and drinking all have a significant impact on your health and result in four out of five heart attack deaths.
But here’s the thing: Instead of giving up completely because you can’t stick to all these change, just make one change at a time!

Here’s how the changes lower your risk of heart attack

·         Change your diet and follow a healthy eating plan: 35% lower risk;
·         Eat healthy, stop smoking and drink only in moderation: 64% lower risk; 
·         Add daily exercise to this: 76% lower risk.
As you can see, just by changing a couple of risk factors, you can lower your risk of dying from a heart attack by a whopping 76%.
And when compared to the participants who changed all five risk factors and had an 86% reduced heart attack risk, it seems like a worthwhile change!
But the real benefit of changing all five risk factors is that because your heart attack risk is so much lower, you’ll live 18 years longer…
Here’s how to change each of these risk factors…
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Lower your heart attack risk to live 18 years longer

#1. Diet: Researchers say there’s no extreme diet you have to follow to improve your health. Simply add fresh fruit and vegetables to your diet, eat whole-grains, low fat and sugar-free dairy and fish instead of processed, sugary junk food.
There are so many delicious meals you can make with healthy foods, you won’t even miss your old eating habits!
#2. Become more active
Think you have to lift big and run a marathon to claim you’re physically active? It’s not true! And having this idea is one way to sabotage your workout routine.
Having too many expectations about working out is a setup for failure.
All you need to do is walk 30 minutes a day five days a week to be able to check the box that says you’re physically active.
#3. Maintain a smaller waistline
Did you know the reason you’re popping out of your pants is because of your unhealthy diet?
You don’t have to do thousands of sit-ups to get rid of your beer belly, you just have to change your diet.
Belly fat is usually because of a high sugar diet, so cut unhealthy foods from your diet and watch your waistline shrink.
#4. Quit smoking
This might be the hardest part of changing your health. It’s a difficult habit to break, but here’s the thing: You can break it!
Here’s a natural way to quit and some distractions to help you through it.
#5. Drink in moderation
Alcohol has a huge effect on your health. And while experts are still arguing about whether the benefits outweigh the risks, drinking in moderation is the key to good health.
Instead of your regular beer, drink a light one with less calories and alcohol. A great way to reduce your alcohol intake even further is to drink half the beer with soda water or make a shandy by adding some lemon juice to the soda water.
You can also alternate every other alcoholic beer with a non-alcoholic one so you don’t lose out on flavour, just calories and alcohol!
Changing your health is simple. Not only could you lower your heart attack risk significantly, you could live 18 years longer and see your children and grandchildren grow up!

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Go to your son's wedding! Reach retirement age! Meet your grandchildren! When you do THESE five things, you'll live 18 years longer
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