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Go nuts for lower cholesterol...

by , 07 October 2021
Go nuts for lower cholesterol...
If your doctor has been warning you about your cholesterol levels, you could surprise him on your next visit just by adding THIS nut to your diet...

It worked better than exercise!

Keep reading to find out which one and the results of the study...

Study shows 5% drop in total cholesterol with a nut!

In a recent study, published in the Journal of Nutrition, 52 adults at high risk of heart disease were assigned to one of three groups.

One of the groups ate 68g of pecan nuts per day, while a second group ate the equivalent number of calories of other foods, and the third group was the control group. 

After eight weeks, the group that ate pecan nuts every day recorded a 5% drop in their total cholesterol, and 6-9% in LDL - the bad kind of cholesterol!

For context, the researchers compared their results to a meta-analysis of 51 different exercises designed to lower cholesterol.

The results of that meta-analysis showed only a 1% drop in total cholesterol and 5% in LDL!

Keep reading...
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Why not combine the two for even better results…

Replacing about  470 calories per day with 68g of pecan nuts is relatively simple to do...

And, if you ensure you're getting 30 minutes of exercise at least five times per week, you'll be doing a great job at controlling your cholesterol levels - and protecting your heart!

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Go nuts for lower cholesterol...
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