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“Ghee” whizz this fat is good for your health!

by , 30 June 2014

The big health and nutrition talk this month is all about poor old fat. It has, for so long, remained banned from our foods and our kitchens. And it's all been without good merit, apparently.

In fact, fat seems to be off the hook when it comes to heart problems and refined carbs and sugars are now taking the heat.

But have you ever heard of ghee?

It's a fat common in Indian cuisine and you should expect to see more of it in your local stores and on menus in the near future, says Prevention.com.

This because of how healthy it is for you!

Let us explain…

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Ghee is a fat that won’t leave you with heart problems

The best explanation of ghee is to call it a traditional Indian butter. Basically, they take milk and make it into butter, but they then boil the butter until most of the water and actual dairy evaporates.
What’s left is a liquid that looks like melted butter and it’s used in the same way; poured over rice, used to dip bread in etc.
So what’s so healthy about this type of fat?
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You can use ghee in your meals as an alternative to other oils

Ghee doesn’t go rancid as quickly as other oils or foods that contain dairy. It has a long shelf life and stays fresh for a long time. It also has a very high smoking point so it’s better to use in cooking.
It also doesn’t contain dairy so it’s suitable to use even if you’re lactose intolerant.
And unlike other types of oils which actually slow down your digestion, ghee helps to speed it up and stimulates stomach acid production.
There you have it! Another type of oil you can use in your home as a healthy, easy alternative and that can keep heart problems at bay.

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“Ghee” whizz this fat is good for your health!
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