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Get more vitamin C and manage your blood pressure better!

by , 23 January 2014

An apple a day keeps the doctor away? Ha, try an orange! By getting enough vitamin C in your diet, you're likely to keep your blood pressure woes in check. So stock up on fruit and veggies that contain high levels of vitamin C and decrease your risk of heart disease related to high blood pressure.

Instead of taking a little pink blood pressure pill every morning, could there be something sweeter, healthier and less expensive that you can take?
It seems so!
How about eating your daily fill of fruit and veggies that contain high levels of vitamin C? 
During a study, researches in the UK figured out that people with a high level of vitamin C in their blood were better able to control their blood pressure than those who had lower levels of the vitamin in their blood. 
So even if you already have high blood pressure, it seems that this special little vitamin is able to get you back on the good health track.
But don’t be so hasty to go out and by vitamin C supplements…
Scientists explain that it’s vitamin C you get from the food you eat that’s good for you and not the over–the-counter type
You’re going to have to teach yourself to love that fruit and veg if you don’t love them already. 
Unfortunately, not everything has a quick fix that comes out of a bottle, and in this instance it’s no different.
You’re going to have to eat your way to high vitamin C blood levels, and not just pop a chewable C.
Foods that contain a lot of vitamin C should go on the top of your grocery list
Here’s your list of the top ten foods that’ll give you a good vitamin C dose:
· Chillies
· Guavas
· Bell Peppers
· Thyme and parsley
· Leafy green veggies
· Broccoli
· Kiwi
· Pawpaw
· Oranges 
· Strawberries
From the list you can see you can add a vitamin C dose to any meal. So stick to what the researchers say and have at least five servings of vitamin C foods each day to keep your blood pressure in check. 

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Get more vitamin C and manage your blood pressure better!
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