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Fruit could reduce your risk for heart condition by 40%!

by , 03 September 2014

Could preventing cardiovascular disease and stroke be as simple as eating fresh fruit every day?

The good news is, YES, it can!

A new study at the University of Oxford in the UK showed fresh fruit can help reduce your risk for cardiovascular disease and stroke by as much as 40!

Here's what you should know…

Lower your chances of dying from a heart disorder by eating fruit every day!

The English researchers analysed data from 451,681 Chinese people who took part in a big study that investigated genetic and environmental causes of chronic disease. They were particularly interested in how eating fruit influences the risk for heart conditions and stroke.

The participants didn’t have a history of cardiovascular disease and weren’t taking any medication for high blood pressure at the beginning of the study. They were followed for seven years.

In that time, 19,300 participants developed heart disease and 19,689 had a stroke.

The results of the study showed the more fruit you eat each day, the lower your risk for cardiovascular disease. Those who ate fruit every day had between 25% and 40% lower risk for cardiovascular disease compared to those who never ate fruit. The average fruit intake was 1.5 portions per day (about 150g).

The people who ate fruit every day also had lower blood pressure. And daily fruit consumption reduced had a 32% lower risk for all-cause mortality, 40% lower risk of death from stroke and 27% lower risk from ischaemic heart disease.

So what does that mean for you...

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Fruit could be the ultimate heart healthy food!

Pack a fruit in your lunch box every day and snack on fruit between meals to increase your uptake of fruit. It could save your life!

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Fruit could reduce your risk for heart condition by 40%!
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