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Four tips that'll fight the fat that increases your heart problem risk

by , 18 June 2014

If you're apple-shaped, your risk of developing heart problems goes up.

It's not only because you're carrying more weight around your belly that's the problem, it's because this type of fat is the most stubborn. It's the “tractor tyre” around your middle that makes your organs - especially your heart - more susceptible to being surrounded by fatty tissue. And it's this type of fat that holds onto toxins, meaning it can make you more likely to develop chronic diseases, including heart problems.

That's why it's so important for you to know how to get rid of this stubborn, unhealthy belly fat.

Keep reading to discover four simple ways to lower your risk of heart problems by taking control of your mid-section.

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Bust belly fat and prevent heart problems in four easy steps 

Step 1: Stress less
Stress is a big factor that leads to your body storing belly fat. It’s the stress hormone cortisol that’s the culprit. But stress isn’t only about belly fat, it’s a sure fire way to cause heart problems. So get your stress under control by using these techniques.
Step 2: Eat clean
Your body needs the right nutrition to function optimally. If you don’t get all the right nutrients from the foods you eat, consider having a blood test so you can start taking additional vitamins and minerals you need.
Step 3: Choose the right foods to fight heart problems
Foods that help your body get rid of fat are an essential part of your diet. Whole grains and fibrous foods do just that so eat these at every meal.
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Step 4: Get that fat moving
A study posed by The National Institutes of Health said that people who drank more water had a 44% better chance at losing weight than those who didn’t! So up your water intake and drink at lease eight cups a day.
There you have it. Bust the belly fat and protect your heart by following these four easy steps. 

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Four tips that'll fight the fat that increases your heart problem risk
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