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Four symptoms of a heart problem that are easy to dismiss

by , 24 January 2018
Four symptoms of a heart problem that are easy to dismiss
If you've never experienced a cardiac event, you might not believe people who say that they've had a heart attack without even knowing it.

But it's true - symptoms of heart problems can be so sneaky and subtle that they go unnoticed. Read on for four of the easiest-to-dismiss signs and symptoms.

Four sneaky and subtle signs that you might have a heart problem

#1: You have severe headaches
While a headache alone isn’t indicative of a heart problem, if you’re experiencing severe headaches along with other symptoms (such as fatigue, dizziness, or stiffness in your neck, or it comes on suddenly) you should seek medical attention. Severe headaches can symptomatic of a blood clot or stroke, so don’t just pop a painkiller and shrug it off!

#2: Your levels of fatigue are abnormal
There are a million reasons you might feel extremely exhausted – from stress to a lack of sleep. But if you’re experiencing abnormal levels of fatigue, it may be because your heart is struggling to oxygenate your body. Other signs: If you’re relatively fit and all of a sudden start feeling winded climbing a flight of stairs, or if you’re feeling a level of weakness you’d previously only experience when very sick with the flu.


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#3: You have persistent dizziness
Like headaches and exhaustion, occasional dizziness isn’t necessarily a cause for concern because it could result from so many different things – think dehydration and standing up too quickly. However, if that light-headed feeling persists, you should see a doctor. The problem may be due to artery blockages or valve issues that are throwing your blood pressure off balance.
#4: You have stomach cramps or upper-back pressure
You might assume that heart pain is only felt in your chest or left arm, but this isn’t always the case. Some people complain of stomach pain when the issue is actually their heart. Others feel an overwhelming amount of pressure in their upper-back (this is actually a pretty common heart attack symptom).
Make sure you familiarise yourself with these four subtle signs of a heart problem!

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Four symptoms of a heart problem that are easy to dismiss
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