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Four foods you should eat to lower your high blood pressure

by , 06 February 2014

If you don't want to die of a heart attack or a stroke, you have to control your high blood pressure. And the easiest way you can do that is to change your diet. And it's not that hard either. Add these four ingredients to your meals and lower your blood pressure naturally…

Beating your high blood pressure with your diet doesn’t have to mean changing everything about the food in your kitchen. 
No! It simply means cutting this, or adding that. 
Add these four blood pressure regulators to your diet today
#1. Basil
This delicious herb blocks the calcium channels in your heart and lowers your blood pressure. And it’s easy to grow yourself! 
#2. Cinnamon
Another really tasty ingredient that helps to lower your blood pressure by increasing the flexibility of your arteries allowing blood to flow smoothly. It also reduces blood clots forming so your risk of heart attack or stroke decreases. Use the cinnamon bark and grind it onto your food. 
#3. Garlic
When you eat garlic, your blood vessels dilate and this helps control your high blood pressure. Take it in tablet form and you could lower your blood pressure by 10% within 12 weeks reports the Daily Mail. 
#4. Turmeric
Not just the yellow colour for your curries, turmeric helps lower your blood pressure because itsactive ingredient, curcumin, keeps your blood vessels and circulation healthy. 
Adding these four tasty ingredients to your diet is a simple way of controlling your blood pressure. They’re a simple, yummy way to  treat your high blood pressure naturally and reduce your risk of suffering a heart attack or stroke. 

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Four foods you should eat to lower your high blood pressure
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