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Flaxseed: "The most useful" seed for your health

by , 03 February 2014

Imagine a tiny little seed capable of cutting your risk of devoting diabetes, cancer and heart disease! Well you don't have to imagine - because that's what flaxseed does! These tiny brown seeds provide a whole world of benefits to the human body. Here's how you can use them to improve your health.

The word 'flax' in Latin means 'the most useful' and that's exactly what flaxseeds prove to be! 
Housed in such a tiny seed, you've got cancer, diabetes and heart disease fighting components! And because of their size, they’re fairly easy to incorporate into your meals without even changing the taste! 
Try adding flaxseed to your breakfast every morning 
Buying raw flaxseed is as simple as popping into your local store and picking up a bag off the shelf! You can add a couple of table spoons full to your breakfast as is, or even grind them in a coffee machine and sprinkle the powdered goodness over your food. 
The best way to get the most benefit is to grind them, as whole seeds may pass through your system!
Flaxseed provides a great variety of benefits to your health
You’ve got a choice of eating golden flaxseed or brown flaxseed. Both of them have very similar nutritional properties and are both good for you.
So what are you getting out of these tiny seeds?
They have two sources of fatty acids – an excellent source of good fat – as well as antioxidants, a whole variety of vitamins, minerals and fibre. 
The Omega-3 fatty acids are great for keeping your heart healthy while the fibre helps keep your blood sugar levels under control, warding off diabetes!
There are also lignans in flaxseeds! These are actually the best source of lignans you can get in food, and they have strong cancer fighting properties, protecting your body from free radicals.
And there you have it! Pop into your nearest grocery store and buy raw flaxseed so you too can eat through all this tiny little seeds health benefits!

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Flaxseed: "The most useful" seed for your health
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