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Five unexpected foods you must avoid to lower your elevated blood pressure…

by , 28 May 2014

If you have high blood pressure, you know you need to stay away from salt and fat.

But you'll be shocked at some of the ‘No-No' foods on this list below. They could be increasing your risk for chronic heart disease without you even realising! Take a look…

Five unexpected foods that could lead to uncontrolled hypertension

Do you sometimes find your blood pressure spikes out of control and you’re left wondering what you ate that could possibly have caused that?
Take a look at this list below. One of these unexpected foods could be the culprit:
  1. Canned soups: They’re creamy and ideal for the winter. But did you know they can contain up to 880mg of salt per serving? That’s over a third of your salt quota for the whole day (2,300mg). Instead, make your own healthy soup and freeze it so you can eat a bowl every day without worrying about your elevated blood pressure.
  2. Pickles: They’re really low in calories, but did you know they can contain up to 570mg of salt? Stay far away from these potentially dangerous bottled delicacies in the future!
  3. Sauerkraut: This yummy cabbage side-dish can contain up to 460mg of salt in just half a cup. So give this one a skip.
  4. Bacon: Sunday breakfast could look a little different going forward. Besides the fat, bacon contains about 270mg of salt. Opt for non-processed meat to go with your ‘sunny-side up’.
  5. Milk: Whole milk contains about eight grams of fat, five of these are saturated fat. Drink 2% milk instead.

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Avoid these stealth foods! They could send your blood pressure level soaring

The rules for balancing your blood pressure just got a little more complicated. There’s what you already knew – to stay away from anything fatty like margarine, oils and fatty meats. And, avoid salt.

But if you’ve been struggling to keep your blood pressure down, it’s time to read between the lines: Stay away from anything processed as this will always contain a high level of salt. And watch out for the fat too!

P.S: In as little as eight weeks you could see your blood pressure drop!

Just by applying a few natural solutions to your everyday life
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Five unexpected foods you must avoid to lower your elevated blood pressure…
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