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Five tips for a heart-healthy Valentine's Day

by , 13 February 2018
Five tips for a heart-healthy Valentine's Day
What's more romantic than a bunch of flowers and box of chocolates on Valentine's Day? The gift of good health of course.

Your partner may hold the key to your heart, but staying active and eating healthy provides the real key to a healthy heart. “Valentine's Day is the ideal time to focus on heart-healthy options for both you and your partner,” says Dr Kevin Campbell, a cardiologist based in North Carolina in the United States.

Here are four heart-healthy Valentine's Day gifts to consider…

Four heart-heathy Valentine’s gifts for your sweetheart

#1: Choose chocolate
Chocolates are a typical Valentine’s Day gift and, fortunately, both milk and dark varieties have proven heart health benefits. If you gift your loved one chocolates or receive some yourself, take it slow by putting them in the freezer and enjoying them in moderation over the next few weeks rather than overindulging all at once.
#2: Plan an active date
An active outing – think ice skating or a long, romantic walk – is a wonderful way to spend quality time with your partner. Try make heart-healthy dates a regular part of your lifestyles, aiming for 150 minutes of physical activity per week.


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#3: Prepare a heart-healthy meal
Who ever said that dining at home has to be unromantic? Instead of going out for dinner, prepare a heart-healthy home cooked meal, focusing on fresh vegetables, lean protein and fibre. And don’t forget the red wine! Strawberries dipped in dark chocolate will end the meal off on a sexy yet heart-heathy sweet note.
#4: Consider a fitness tracker
If you want to gift your partner something unique for Valentine’s Day that’s sure to help them keep their heart health in check, consider a fitness tracker. These devices are designed to help monitor your eating, exercise and sleeping patterns to give you instant feedback on your progress. Some of them even track your heart rhythm, minute to minute and beat to beat.
What will you be doing to show your sweetheart how much you care this Valentine’s Day?

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Five tips for a heart-healthy Valentine's Day
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