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Five everyday habits to help lower your blood pressure - fast!

by , 24 April 2015

Having a bad day can impair your judgment and lead to you making not-so-wise lifestyle choices like binge eating, smoking or drinking.

These unhealthy habits done in excess can negatively affect your health - especially your blood pressure.

As one in four people suffer from high blood pressure, it's imperative for you to effectively avoid and reduce this preventable disease associated with heart attack and stroke, aneurysms, cognitive decline and kidney failure.

Fortunately, you can achieve low blood pressure without medications using these five little-known everyday habits. Want to find out more? Then read on!

Five simple habits to adopt to lower your blood pressure


Habit #1: Just breathe

As simple as it sounds, breathing is an effective technique to lower blood pressure. Slow breathing and meditative practices such as yoga can help decrease the stress hormones that elevate renin — a kidney enzyme that raises blood pressure. “Sit in a comfortable chair with armrests. Your body should be as relaxed as possible. Place one hand on a part of your chest or preferably your abdomen. Watch your hand rise and fall with each breath... Feel the breath as it moves into your abdomen,” explains Dr John M. Kennedy, a cardiologist and author of the book The Heart Health Bible told Medical Daily . Repeat this seven times and can become a daily habit by doing deep breathing 10 minutes in the morning.

Habit #2: Soak up some sun!

Sunny days not only boost your mood, but they can help keep our blood pressure in check. A study published in the Journal of Investigative Dermatology found that exposure to sunlight can alter the levels of nitric oxide in the skin and blood, therefore reducing your blood pressure. When exposed to sunlight, small amounts of nitric oxide are transported from the skin to the circulation lowering blood vessel tone. This decreases the risk of heart attack and stroke.

Habit #3: Go for brisk walks

Enjoy a nice, sunny day and go for a brisk walk, for aerobic physical activity at least 30 minutes per day. Dr Kennedy believes this “can decrease systolic blood pressure by 4-9 points.” However, even “ten minutes a day can make all the difference.” When blood pressure is out of control, general isometric exercise is bad. Do cardiovascular exercises like walking, running, cycling and swimming instead.
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Habit #4: Drink lots of tea

Sipping on not one but four cups of tea daily can help control blood pressure. A study presented at the European Society of Hypertension in Milan found those who avoided coffee and tea consumption all together had the highest rates of blood pressure, pulse pressure, and heart rate. Those who drank between one to four cups of tea a day, had the lowest systolic and diastolic blood pressure readings, as well as the lowest pulse pressure and heart rate. Pinkies up, for your blood pressure’s sake!

Habit #5: Listen to music

Listening to your favourite song won’t only improve your feeling of well-being, but also lower your blood pressure. A study published in the journal Netherland Heart Journal found musicians had lower blood pressure than non-musicians because their somatosensory nerve activity benefited their autonomic nervous system. If you’re not a musician, listening to music alone, especially classical, is just as good.
Lower your blood pressure naturally by adding these five activities to your everyday life – you won’t regret it!

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Five everyday habits to help lower your blood pressure - fast!
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