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Fend off heart problems - eat more chocolate!

by , 16 May 2014

There's more than enough literature proving the health benefits of chocolate. Especially when it comes to keeping health problems at bay.

But there IS a catch.

You need to eat dark chocolate. The more cocoa it contains, the better. But that also means the more bitter it is. And the less appealing too… You're more likely to turn down a slab of dark chocolate than you are milk chocolate, right!

And that's why, today you'll discover three inventive ways to add dark chocolate to your diet so you too can reap the health benefits for your heart.

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Don’t only eat a chocolate slab to prevent heart problems! Try these three new ways to add it to your diet 

#1. Mix it with peanut butter: Boost the flavour of your peanut butter by adding melted dark chocolate to it. Add a little hot water to a bowl of dark chocolate pieces to make a paste then add the peanut butter to it. Eat it on crackers or whole-wheat bread for a new, healthy taste sensation.
#2. Blend into a smoothie: What better way to improve the benefits of your already healthy smoothie than by adding dark chocolate? Melt the chocolate with a little hot water and spoon it into your blender as it’s whizzing up the other smoothie ingredients.
#3. Grate over cereal: Instead of eating unhealthy, sugar-laden cereal add dark chocolate to it instead. Crush or grate chunks into your cereal to add flavour and health to your meal.
There you have it! Use these three new ways of eating dark chocolate to improve your health and ward off heart problems.
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Fend off heart problems - eat more chocolate!
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