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Fat has been falsely accused of the obesity epidemic, says Time Magazine

by , 18 June 2014

In the 70s, there was an uproar about fat and what it did to your health. And, for the last 45 years that bad name hasn't budged. Fat's had a bad rap for causing obesity, heart problems and all sorts of other horrific illnesses…

Until now that is!

It seems that there's no reason for you to completely avoid fat. But we all knew that, right? So what's the big deal?

Well, it's about what replaced fat in the 70s, says Time Magazine. And it's the REAL reason behind today's serious health issues.

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Fat isn’t the biggest culprit when it comes to the cause of heart problems and the obesity epidemic 

In the 70s, people turned their backs on all things fatty and instead, chose something a lot sweeter. Literally.
Refined sugar and carbs exploded onto the market and, hey, they were cheaper to turn into food too!
So instead of eating foods contain fats, people gorged themselves on cakes, biscuits, bread and pasta.
And now look at the health of the world! If only we’d listened to what the scientists really had to say…

Not all fats cause heart problems and obesity 

Scientists back then actually wanted to warn people about trans fats. And while you should avoid these types of fats at all costs, there are good fats. And, gasp, even some saturated fats aren’t bad for you.
The rule in any well-balanced diet is this: Too much of a good thing is still too much.
If you stick to that rule when eating you’re likely to not only improve your health but lose weight too.
As long as you cut refined sugar, processed carbs and other nasty processed foods out of your diet and you take note of what you eat you’ll keep heart problems at bay and give your overall health a boost too.
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Fat has been falsely accused of the obesity epidemic, says Time Magazine
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