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Fast food puts you on the fast track to heart disease

by , 26 September 2014

In 2008, studies showed that a whopping 35% of every heart attack across the world was due to the effects of eating too much junk food.

And while there's no further studies to prove it for more recent years, there's definitely an increase in junk food consumption and number of people suffering heart attacks every year.

What, with your busy life, it's easier to pick up a packet of food from your local take-away joint than it is to go home and cook something from scratch!

But sadly, this popular habit is causing our nation's heart health to fail!

Here's why…

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The stuff they put into junk food is ruining your heart health

If you pick apart a burger from any take-away restaurant, you’ll find they all do the same thing. They add loads of salt, sugar, flavourings, fat and cholesterol.
And this is what’s going to kill you if you eat them often.
Livestrong.com says there aren’t any studies directly linking junk food to heart disease, but there are plenty that prove these ingredients and the calories that go with them increase your heart disease risk significantly.
Research posted in the Archives of Iranian Medicine confirmed this. They studied young and middle-aged men who frequently snack on fast food and they found it altered the ways their body functioned.
This change increased their risk of heart disease and, what’s worse, their risk of dying from heart disease.
The real problem isn’t that it’s fast food at all… It’s what’s in the food that matters!
There’s simply no balance to the meal. There are far too many fats and carbs in one meal and that’s what leads to obesity.
And obesity leads to an array of other diseases like high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes.
But instead of depriving yourself of your love of fast food, change the way you eat it.
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Make these changes to your diet to prevent junk food from leaving you with heart disease

Instead of eating junk food every day, compromised and eat it only once or twice a week. When you get used to this, cut down again until you’re only eating junk food on rare occasions.
While you’re trying to wean yourself off junk food, make healthier food choices to go with your burger. For example, instead of ordering a side of fries, have a salad. Or, instead of having a fizzy drink, have a water!
If it’s the convenience of junk food that has you hooked, there’s a way to make healthy food just as convenient.
When you cook a meal at home, make two or three times the amount and freeze individual portion sizes for defrosting and reheating at a later stage.
Eat lots of fresh fruit and vegetables and healthy grains as they’re also easy and quick to prepare.
The convenience and taste of take-aways isn’t worth your heart health is it? So make the necessary changes to your diet and lifestyle to save your health. 

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Fast food puts you on the fast track to heart disease
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